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    Researchers fully ‘delete’ HIV from human cells for the first time
    Steve Dent, engadget.com

    So far, HIV has elud­ed a cure because it installs its genome into human DNA so insid­i­ous­ly that it’s impos­si­ble for our immune sys­tem to clear it out. While cur­rent treat­ments are effec­tive, a life­time of toxic drugs is required to…

    A Cure not just a “treatment”… I bet Big Pharmaceuticals is scared shitless

    New Politics rockn Cap Ale Downtown #RVA #xlsession (at Capital Ale House Richmond)

    Tiny checking out his new rookies #dog #koi #pets #loveallanimals (at V&V emporium)

    NASA gives the go-ahead to a rocket designed for deep space exploration
    Mariella Moon, engadget.com

    For the past few years, NASA’s been work­ing on a pow­er­ful rock­et called the Space Launch Sys­tem meant for mis­sions to the moon, Mars and other places far from our plan­et. While the rock­et’s not quite ready to take Bruce Willis to an…

    When do tickets go on sale???

    On love… it’s a revaluation #firefly2014 (at The Woodlands At Firefly)

    APOD 2014 July

    Rockn out w/ Ziggy Marley @313detroitmike #firefly2014 #instafirefly (at The Backyard)

    Laid out in the shade 4 Weezer #firefly2014 (at Firefly Music Festival)

    Third Eye blind??? #flashback #friday #firefly2014

    @stef_atkins and me chilling on the # lawn at #firefly2014 #instafirefly (at Firefly Music Festival Main Stage)

    21 pilots rockn it #firefly2014 (at Firefly Music Festival Main Stage)

    The Foo Fighters… fucking rock stars… last great Rock Stars of the 90s

    Drum trio Airborne Toxic Event (at Firefly Porch Stage)

    Arctic Monkeys hits the stage (at Firefly Music Festival Main Stage)

    Airborne Toxic Event just hit the stage #firefly2014 (at Firefly 2014)